Congratulations to all of the past winners of The ACOMM Awards!

2018 Communications Ambassador
2018 Communications Ambassador: David Tudehope

The Chief Executive of Macquarie Telecom Group, David Tudehope, has been named Australian Communications Ambassador 2018 for helping shape the competitive, regulatory and consumer environment of the telecommunications industry in Australia. David founded Macquarie Telecom in 1992 as a provider of voice services and has guided the company’s development to become a fully integrated carrier; supplying voice, mobile, data networks & managed hosting solutions to business and government users in Australia and Asia.

Innovation - Large Company
Innovation - Large Company winner: Telstra

Telstra for their new 5G Innovation Centre at Telstra's Southport exchange on the Gold Coast. It is the only centre of its kind in Australia. This centre will be the home for testing the next generation of mobile technologies in Australian conditions to support the early commercial deployment of 5G.

Innovation - SME
Innovation - SME winner: Coevolve
Innovation - SME winner: National Narrowband Network Co

Coevolve for an Integrated SD-WAN Service (now deployed for client sites in 54 countries).


National Narrowband Network Co for their N2N IoT Platform.

Vendor Innovation
Vendor Innovation winner: NetComm

NetComm for their world-first innovation - Distribution Point Unit (DPU) and Network Connection Device (NCD). The DPU connects four homes to fibre, and the NCD combines a modem and reverse power unit to optimise the nbn FTTC network with network-grade diagnostics, remote management and an optimal customer experience.

Internet of Things Startup
Internet of Things Startup winner: Reekoh

Reekoh for developing and commercialising an original IoT Data and API Management Platform-as-a-Service and suite of tools aimed at solving the growing problem of complexity with integrating IoT solutions and enterprise systems and services.

Commitment to Customer Service
Commitment to Customer Service winner: Telstra

Telstra for their introduction of the Telstra Smart Modem, their investment in better in-home Wi-Fi and the rollout of new customer support initiatives which have been key to their strategy to improve the experience for their home broadband customers, with a focus on the nbn.

Services to the Industry - Professional Services
Services to the Industry - Professional Services winner: Huawei Technologies

Huawei Technologies for their Seeds for the Future Program - a collaborative undergraduate program, offering a unique platform for students to visit Huawei's global R&D facilities and engage at an international level. The tripartite partnership between Huawei, the Australian Technology Network and the Federal Government provides practical experiences aiming to increase students' skill-set, broaden horizons and industry networks.

Best Mobile Solution
Best Mobile Solution winner: amaysim

amaysim Australia for introducing its $10 Unlimited mobile plan featuring 1GB of data plus unlimited talk & text on the Optus 4G Plus network.

Community Contribution
Community Contribution winner: Speedcast
Community Contribution winner: Fulton Hogan

Speedcast for saving internet connectivity on Christmas Island, reactivating the network and now providing wireless and 4G network services to the island residents and businesses.


Fulton Hogan for including Indigenous employment on the NBN project, as well as in other sectors of the business. The partnership has been nothing short of a success story by valuing and enhancing the contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in business, as well as promoting cultural diversity within NBN and its contractors.

Satellite Provider of the Year Award
Satellite Provider of the Year Award winner: Optus

Optus Satellite for installing Satellite Small Cell units across Australia, which extend the Optus mobile network into difficult to reach remote and regional locations using Optus' satellite backhaul service.

Best Marketing Initiative
Best Marketing Initiative winner: Thinxtra

Thinxtra for launching the Smart Council Program to accelerate the deployment of IoT solutions with Councils. To do so, they are bringing for free IoT LPWAN infrastructure (based on Sigfox technology) and free trials of solutions to the Councils to prove the benefits of IoT. Making Councils smarter the easy way.

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